We offer a wide variety of dental services

i700 Medit Scanner

i700 Medit Scanner

With digital imaging, exposure time is about 50 percent less when compared to traditional radiographs.

There is NO exposure to radiation with this scanner.

Digital Imaging

With digital imaging, exposure time is about 50 percent less when compared to traditional radiographs. Digital imaging can also help us retrieve valuable diagnostic information.

doctor working with digital jaw model
dentist taking a panoramic digital x-ray

X-ray Technology

Digital X-rays offer more precision and result in 1/6th the radiation exposure to you.

Intraoral camera

An intraoral camera allows our team to view clear, precise images of your mouth, teeth and gums, which contribute to an accurate diagnosis. This can mean less chair¬time for you!

Dental intraoral scanner in modern clinic.
male dentist and woman in dentist office

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a sweet-smelling, non-irritating, colorless and breathable gas. Also known as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is safe and has been the primary means of sedation in dentistry for many years. Talk to your doctor about whether or not to use this sedation during your visit.

Pediatric Dentistry

We recommend the first “regular” dental visit should be just after your child’s first birthday. We work with children of all ages and relating to all dental needs and look forward to helping your entire family maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime!

smiling child girl with perfect and healthy teeth
adult woman having a visit at the dentist


(Teeth Cleaning)

Prophylaxis is an important dental treatment for stopping the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease. We recommend that it be performed twice annually as a preventative measure, but should be completed every 3-4 months for those with periodontitis.

Fillings & Restorations

We are a mercury-free practice, utilizing porcelain inlays and tooth colored restorations (onlays) to create fillings that are not only beautiful and unnoticeable, but also add strength to weakened teeth.

dentist applying sample from tooth scale to happy patient
adult woman having a visit at the dentist

Composite Fillings

(white filling material)

Composite is the recommended restorative material. It is considered safe and effective for tooth restoration.

Dental Sealants

Highly effective in preventing decay on the biting surfaces of your chewing teeth, dental sealants effectively “seal” the deep grooves, acting as a barrier and protecting enamel from plaque and acids. Children and adults can benefit from sealants in the fight against tooth decay.

female orthodontist stemmatologist dentist holding teeth model
dentist chair and dentist tools

Dentures / Partials

A denture is an appliance inserted in the mouth, which replaces natural teeth and provides support for the cheeks and lips. It’s typically made of plastic, porcelain or a combination thereof. Dentures can be fabricated to fit over endodontically treated teeth and a complete denture can be attached to dental implants to allow for a more secure fit of the appliance.


Bridges attach artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth. Dental health is the most important reason for a bridge. Increased risk of gum disease has proven to be one of the worst side effects of missing teeth and can be minimized with a bridge. Additionally, missing teeth can cause speech disorders, cause your mouth to sink and/or your face to look older.

happy man after dental procedures
dentist holding teeth model with metal dental implat

Dental Implants

Designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth, dental implants are changing the way people live! Even after tooth loss, with implants you can regain the ability to eat virtually anything and smile with confidence, knowing that teeth appear natural and facial contours will be preserved.


Our goal is to provide dentistry that is undetectable. We replace existing crowns and fillings with restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth.

happy male after whitening in clinic
dentist portrait

Tooth Extractions

Along with your dentist, you may determine that a tooth extraction is needed for any number of reasons. We perform many of these procedures right here at Holt Family Dental Care, but there may be instances when we refer you to a specialist.

Root Canals

A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed – well over 14 million every year! This simple treatment can often save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges.

endodontic root canal treatment in dental clinic
male dentist and woman in dentist office

Cosmetic Treatments

The skill, experience, and commitment of our practice, using a unique combination of science and artistry, can literally redesign your smile. When you feel good about yourself, it shows!

– Bonding: an alternative to veneers and can be used as a restorative procedure for teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored or misarranged.

– Porcelain Veneers: thin shells of ceramic that bond directly to the front surfaces of the teeth. Veneers are an ideal choice for improving your smile and have become increasingly popular due to their simplicity and versatility.

– Teeth Whitening: Dental bleaching can be used to correct tooth discoloration, which can be caused by staining, aging, or chemical damage to teeth. Using the latest in bleaching technology, we can offer a safe method for creating a beautiful, “brilliant” smile.